Have your artwork presented at Surtex 2016.  Cultivate Art Collective are pleased to announce that for the show season of 2016 we will again be offering the option of having members portfolios shown in a booth that will be alongside our artists booth.  

For the price of $250 (£165.00) you will get:

  • your portfolio printed
  • your shipping costs to Surtex
  • your portfolio will be shown at Surtex, presented by staff
  • your artwork on the booth banners
  • promotional materials for Surtex as part of CAC advertising package
  • all contacts from potential clients sent directly to you via email at the close of show so that you can follow up and begin to build relationships to get the deals.

Artwork should be sent SIZE: A4 (8.3x11.7 inches) 300dpi, jpeg each page should be separate and in order - no need for double spreads, they willl be made during the print run.  Please note which is cover artwork for front and back. You may also include end pages.  You may send UP TO 100 pages (this is including the covers).  Artwork sent after the deadline will not be accepted due to print turnaround time. Thank you for understanding.   Please send artwork via dropbox, wetransfer OR email.

Print deadline is 1st April 2016.