Hi everyone,

It's time to reserve your spots for Surtex 2017.  

In 2017 we will have the same size booths ( [max4] 10x10) for artists who want to show their work, plus an additional managed booth for members wishing to show their portfolios.  This way it allows more members a presence at Surtex.  You are able to select to do both options to double your exposure, or just one.  It's entirely up to you.  Also, after last time you may be considering showing on your own next year.  If so, that's fantastic news!  Even if you decide to do this, you can still have your portfolio with us too. 

So what do we offer?  Read below to find out, I think you'll agree, we offer great value for money!

Interested? What does the price include? and how does it compare to being in the new Design District run by Surtex?

Cultivate Art Collective offer: (cost $2600)

  • Booth reservation
  • Booth banner 1m artwork printing and shipping
  • Surtex premium advertising package
  • Show Directory advertising
  • 1 Surtex opening night cruise ticket (includes hot buffet dinner) - chartered by Cultivate Art Collective!
  • Set Up Evening Dinner to the value of $40 (wine included)
  • 1 Surtex seminar ticket
  • 100 business cards
  • Show insurance cover
  • Year round social media campaign 
  • Webinars to support, plan and offer advice (topics include booth display, pre and post show marketing, operational info and best practices and show etiquette)
  • Community fb group
  • Hotel discounts

*(additional furniture will be charged individually as required by the artists - eg, shelf per artist)

Surtex offer: (cost $2700)

Design District Booth Package includes: 

1 meter back wall panel
½ meter side panels
small counter
ID sign
In addition, new exhibitors will have year-round support, including:

Use of Show Planner tool to increase connectivity pre and post show
Access to Conference program and Trend Theatre
Year round social media activity
Dedicated staff will provide additional support to all new exhibitors
Specific webinars designed to help new exhibitors, topics include booth display, pre and post show marketing, operational info and best practices etc.
New exhibitor user groups
Hotel discounts


 To reserve your exhibitor spot for 2017.  You are required to make a deposit of $250 to do this. *(The total cost until this date will be $2600)  scheduled payments leading up to Jan 31st will follow at an interval to suit you.  You may clear your balance at any earlier time upon request.

As time draws closer to the show we will also make available tickets for members to walk the show.

There is always extremely high demand for spots for Surtex, and places fill within a matter of hours, to take advantage of the early bird offer I suggest making your reservation as soon as possible for you.

Places for exhibiting artists are strictly on a first come, first served basis and all payments are final and non-refundable unless the event is cancelled by show organisers, in which case a full refund would be given. See T&C's for clarification.

Surtex 2017 deposit
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If you'd prefer to just have your portfolio with us next year, then select the payment option below.  

(this is the total cost of this option - there will be no additional costs)  
The price includes:
  • printing of portfolio
  • artwork prints on booth banners
  • shipping cost
  • insurance cover
  • presentation of your portfolio to clients
  • your portfolio in a fully managed booth
  • all contacts from interested parties are passed directly to you the artist at the close of show.
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If you choose the portfolio option, an email will be sent out about artwork requirements etc in early 2017


You will be sent a confirmation of payment for your records.  Once all exhibitor spots have been sold, each exhibiting artist will be sent a copy of the Cultivate Art Collective Code of Conduct document which explains our current guidelines for exhibiting artist members at Surtex. You will also be sent an outline of your payment schedules to ensure all costs are received by Surtex in a timely manner following their payment guidelines.

Finally, starting in October, we will be holding regular webinars to discuss show planning, building portfolio's, taking part in collective promotional activities eg, blogrolls and any other bits and bobs that crop up along the way.


Thank You for choosing to show with us at SURTEX 2017, you're in for an amazing experience!